The Top 5 Signage Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

The Top 5 Signage Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

Signage for Businesses – How To Get Noticed – You know how great your business is. Every detail of your product or service is on point, so why do people keep walking past your business? It could very well be that your signage is letting you down. Nowadays, with so much competition, it’s more important than ever to ensure your business is looking professional and aesthetically pleasing to capture passersby.

We all know that people are becoming more and more time-poor. As they walk along streets decorated in signage, banners, fascias, window displays to get from A to B, it’s going to take a standout design to attract their attention. To make sure your products or services get noticed and entice people to come into your store, we’ve put together some options that will make a difference in regards to signage for businesses.

1. Lightboxes, 3D Lettering, and Illuminated Signs

You can’t go past lightboxes, 3D lettering, and illuminated signs if you want to make an impact and draw attention to your business. The range of options is endless and will guarantee your business is visible during the day and at night and from a significant distance.
The popularity of lightboxes, 3D lettering, and illuminated signs is increasing, not only for their attention-grabbing appeal but because of the flexibility in design, materials, locations, and degree of impact that can be custom made not matter the size of your business.

2. Digital Printing

One of the most common forms of signage is digital printing. There are so many different options to put your brand, products, or service in the spotlight. Digital printing signage can be turned around quickly and is a relatively low-cost option which is why many businesses opt for this form of advertising.

There is no limitation to the colours you can use for digital signage which results in a high-quality finish. Many larger companies are choosing digital printing to advertise as it is a very environmentally friendly alternative to traditional printed signage. It’s an easy, affordable, quick option that will add considerable value to your business.

3. LED Slimline Screens

Increasingly becoming one of the most popular options for both indoor and outdoor signage. There are many applications for this form of signage that range from shop window displays, exhibitions to shopping centre video display screens, and hospital signage.

The effects that can be captured through LED slimline screens are high tech with maximum visual appeal that doesn’t go unnoticed. LED slimline screens are a cost-effective advertising medium, which will prove to be a great investment for your business.

4. Vehicle and Fleet Signage

Considered one of the most professional and attractive forms of advertising, vehicle, and fleet signage will achieve maximum visibility for your business. Whether it be a car wrap, magnetic sign, vehicle lettering, or graphics, there a multitude of options to showcase your brand, product, or service.

The transitional nature of vehicle and fleet signage makes it the perfect medium to achieve optimal reach to potential customers and increase the creditability of your brand.

5. Pylons

If you are wanting to make a big impression then a pylon is the ideal form of signage to get your business noticed. Pylons enhance the visibility of your business and even if you are not located in a high traffic area as customers can see your business from a distance.

Pylons are low maintenance, can be tailored to your branding requirements, and are incredibly durable despite the harshest of weather conditions. Their sheer height and ability to be illuminated or non-illuminated give maximum visual exposure to any business.

Next Step – Signage for Businesses – Get You Noticed

Getting your business noticed no matter what products or services you provide should be one of your top priorities. Attracting attention is one thing, but you want to attract the right attention that will bring customers who genuinely want to transact with your offerings.

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