The Advantages of Using Digital Signage in Real Estate

The Advantages of Using Digital Signage in Real Estate

The world of real estate is extremely competitive. As most real estate agents know, good communication with clients is essential to the industry. When it comes to real estate signage, a professional look and feel for material are extremely important. Cut through messaging, and attractive property images draw attention, and real estate digital signage is one of the best ways to just that.

First impressions leave a lasting impact, and that’s why so many real estate agencies have invested in digital signage as means to stand out amongst competitors. Now more than ever, realtors need highly visual marketing stimuli to showcase commercial and residential properties to potential buyers and sellers if they are to remain in the game.

We look at why so many real estate agents are now opting for digital signage to attract buyers and sellers.

Highly Visual and Interactive

The options are endless when it comes to real estate digital signage. Gone are the days when a real estate agent’s only option was to cram as many photos of a property as they could and display it in the window on a poster. Nowadays, we have digital screens in agency windows that scroll through a slideshow of high-resolution images of properties. It highlights the aesthetic features of a property and is exceptionally visually appealing. A digital screen is visible when the agency has closed too.

Also, many real estate agencies include videos of properties so customers can take a virtual tour (the next best thing to physically walking through the house). Touch screens are becoming more popular as they allow customers to navigate through a digital map and engage with the property without moving a step.

Customised Content and Speed of Updates

Another huge advantage of real estate digital signage is that content can be customised. For example, agencies can list several properties and choose which ones to display and at what time. If a customer is waiting in the reception area, there are options to have digital screens on display. They can present the news, weather, property updates, or other information that further engage customers.

From a customer’s perspective, a digital touch screen allows them to navigate through their choice of property and in their own time without having to speak to an agent if they don’t want to.

The speed of updating content is immediate as listings can be amended, added, or removed at the touch of a button. As a result, customers are viewing properties that are available or not in real-time.

Cost-Effective Medium

Digital signage for real estate agencies is a more cost-effective option when comparing the costs of creating, printing, and distributing print material. It’s also environmentally friendly as agencies are not using resources associated with print.

If you need to update content it is free and fast. Unlike print signage that requires new artwork and additional print runs.

Real Estate Digital Signage Is Here to Stay

For a professional and progressive real estate agency, digital signage is one of the best methods to showcase a property in its true potential. Clients want to walk into a real estate agency that not only has a clean, fresh, professional look and feel but one that is modern and gives the impression of being up-to-date with the industry.

There is no denying that technology will continue to evolve. Digital solutions will outperform traditional forms of promotion and advertising in the future. If you would like to find out how digital signage can transform your business, NGS Group has a range of digital signage options that will cater to any budget.

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