Looking for the Best Digital Printing in Greensborough?

Looking for Digital Printing in Greensborough?

Digital Printing Melbourne

Digital printing is the procedure done by printing digital-based images directly onto a media substrate. Digital printing has already come a long way, but it is still an evolving process in the history of printing.

It has become the choice of printing service providers and customers. The technology of digital printing continues to make room for more improvement and has been used by small and large organisations.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of digital printing and its application to different media.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using digital printing.

Short runs

Digital printing is very efficient for short to medium print runs. It gives print businesses to give the flexibility to print what they need to print, and when they need to print it.


Digital printing services always need minimum orders so customers get the quality of what they pay for. Digital printing gives businesses the freedom and flexibility to give their customers what they need at an affordable price. Black and white digital printing is inexpensive, but advanced colour match capabilities allow an exact and vibrant result, which includes printing inks like cyan, magenta, yellow, black, as well as other effects like, metallic or white.


Digital printing offers a shorter time because set-up requirements are minimal compared to traditional offset printing.


Digital printing offers consistent printing. It produces less waste and a few variations, compared to traditional offset printing wherein you have to balance ink and water to print.

High quality

Digital printing machines are manufactured to give the print media better print quality. In comparison to traditional printing is that digital printing does not use any photo chemicals or film plates.

Variable data printing

Information on a text, graphic, or database can be altered on each printed piece without delaying or stopping the print. An example of this is a brochure or an invitation that can be printed with different names and addresses.


Digital printing is environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t need photo chemicals or film plates. The ink does not penetrate through the media substrate but it forms a thin layer on the surface that may need additional adherents added by heating or curing. Energy is also conserved because of the lessened equipment and processes, reducing carbon footprint and an environmentally friendly process.

Applications for Digital Printing

Digital Printing can be applied to different media such as:

    • Desktop publishing, for home and office printing mainly on paper
    • Variable data printing, text or database files for mass personalisation
    • Fine art, for real photo paper exposure using pigment-based inks
    • Print-on-demand, mainly used on customized children’s books and photobooks
    • Advertising, used in flyers and brochures
    • Photos, where digital printing can retouch and colour correct a certain photograph
    • Architecture, using digitally printed murals and floor graphics.

Most digitally printed products are:

    • Announcements and posters
    • Brochures and flyers
    • Business cards and postcards
    • Greeting cards and envelopes
    • Letterheads and newsletters
    • Menus and invitations


There are endless benefits and applications of digital printing. If you’re looking for digital printing in Melbourne that will deliver visually appealing results, that are on brand, cost-effective, and deliver the highest quality finishing then call us on (03) 9432 7111 or email sales@ngsgroup.com.au today.

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