The Benefits of Using LED Slimline Display Screens for Advertising

The Benefits of Using LED Slimline Display Screens for Advertising

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LED slimline display screens have been a great alternative for LCD screens since they use less power, a slimline panel, and produce less heat dissipation. The first LED screen was invented in 1977 but had a monochrome colour because the blue LED light wasn’t invented until the 1990s. In the present time, LED screens are used for commercial use in advertising but they haven’t quite fully replaced static billboards.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the benefits of using LED slimline display screens for advertising.

Attention Grabber

LED screens can catch your eye, as it is bright and is dazzling even in urbanised environments. LED screens can be placed at the front of your business, or maybe as a standalone advertisement to grab the attention of the public. They are extremely popular among festival and event organisers for their amazing display quality and you can even see the video in broad daylight. New York and Tokyo are known for having memorable highstreets because of the flashy, and eye-catching display screens.

Remote Operation

Having freestanding LED displays are accessible anywhere. You can do anything when you connect an LED screen, plus they’re waterproof and can withstand various weather conditions. LED screens can be remotely operated with their built-in Wi-Fi, which means you can connect them to any wireless internet. This is essential as it gives you control over displayed advertisements depending on their performance.


LED screens are very sturdy. They were built to last and can withstand different weather conditions, which means they have low maintenance which can save you a lot of money in the long term. Newer LED screens are manufactured to be sturdy and resistant to damage, which means they can last for years without spending too much money on them. LED screens are also environment-friendly since they use less power and less heat dissipation than traditional LCD screens.

Great Investment

LED screens for advertisement will return your capital in the short term. Static billboards are much more expensive as you are paying for the vinyl and the ad space rental. LED billboards, on the other hand, don’t need production costs because you can make your advertisements digitally on the computer. The return for your investment will be much larger in the long run.

Content Variety

LED screens have the potential for video to be played. Scrolling images for advertisement are also used. This gives more potential to test different content to decide what kind of adverts are effective. Video advertisements are very effective, as they are more captivating as they can garner more attention compared to static billboards.


Installing LED screens is simple. LED screens can be moved around easily and without friction, and if ever a LED screen breaks down, replacement screens could be easily installed without taking up too much of your time.

Branding and image

LED screens can enhance the brand and image of a company or a business. Using the LED screens to display your brand can convey to the customers that the company or business is a new, technical, and modern company. This can present great results by just enhancing your brand and image using LED screens.

Conclusion – LED Signage Melbourne

As you can see the benefits of LED slimline display screens for advertising far outweigh the traditional LCD screens. Contact NGS Group on (03) 9432 7111 if you would like to find out more about our LED signage Melbourne options, alternatively, you can email us at

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