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Outdoor Digital Solutions

Outdoor digital signages have dominated the outdoor signs Melbourne industry over the last ten years. But what can it do for modern-day companies? We’ll be looking at different types of outdoor digital billboards and how businesses and customers can benefit from these innovations.

What’s Outdoor Digital Signage?

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Have you longed to obtain the sophistication of indoor digital signs in your exterior signages? Well, thanks to advances in weather-proof TV tech and display cabinets, you can now place indoor digital signage, such as interactive digital displays outdoors or in harsh weather. Smart outdoor advertising technology is a huge improvement over posters and outdoor LED signs that lack comparable tech to digital displays and TVs.

Besides, it means there’s no compromising of features such as intuitive screens, sound, and capabilities for real-time streaming. Some of the endless potential applications include theme parks, chemical-resistant digital signs in manufacturing plants, restaurants’ exterior electronic menu boards, and churches’ outdoor electronic signs.

Are Outdoor Digital Signs an Ideal Choice for Melbourne-based Companies?

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If you’re a business owner, outdoor digital signage can boost the visibility of your company, product, event, brand, or service. The sign is often installed in a public place with sufficient space. This offers a perfect opportunity to create awareness to many users all at once, in a visually striking way.

It’s the reason outdoor digital signs are usually larger than their indoor counterparts. Smart outdoor signs are designed to allow viewing from great distances. Digital billboards are a perfect illustration of outdoor signs that have become dramatically popular over the past decade.

While indoor and outdoor digital signs share many characteristics, one essential consideration for placing digital signages is that they should be weatherproof and durable. That is because it’s one of the few exterior marketing strategies that you leave unattended for several months or years, based on location and usage.

8 Examples of Beneficial Innovations in Outdoor Digital Signage

Learning to properly incorporate different signage types into your marketing mix is an essential part of running a successful business. Oftentimes, you will have to blend multiple signage types to realise all of your business goals. Outdoor electronic advertising boards are among the handy options for your outdoor sign needs.

For some exciting top-of-the-line outdoor digital signage innovative applications, here are the eight best examples of outdoor signs Melbourne to get you started.

1. Outdoor Digital Mall Directories

It is a type of exterior digital sign that is also interactive at times. Lifestyle centres and outdoor malls often use digital directories to list all restaurants, shops, and services within the facility. The directories are handy for first-time visitors who need a simple way to find where they’re going, helping to save time.
Using digital outdoor signs near entrances and high-traffic places can ensure your visitors never get lost while offering a comfy experience that’ll increase their chances of returning in the future.

2. Digital Billboards

Quickly replacing the traditional billboard, a digital billboard delivers the same functions but with added flexibility and utility. They show an advert with the extra benefit of auto-rotating over a timed-display of many different ads. As a result, digital billboards significantly increase the amount of space available for ads on a billboard.

For example, you can set the billboard to only showcase advertisements during rush hour in the morning. Your company can charge more to display ads during the time slot because there are many more vehicles on the road during that time. Besides, digital billboards come with the additional functionality of displaying emergency information like weather alerts, road conditions, or accidents.

3. Theme parks

Digital signages are vital for displaying content, wayfinding, and communicating important information like emergency updates at theme parks. It’s probably the first noticeable feature in most modern theme parks. Visitors can easily navigate the park and find a suitable attraction or location of choice.

Apart from wayfinding, you can use outdoor digital signs to create awareness of other services available at the park, including guest service stations, kiosks, or restaurants. Overall, placing digital signs outdoors makes a powerful tool for theme parks to help visitors without the cost of additional staff.

4. Restaurants

Restaurants are becoming incredibly creative to remain profitable during coronavirus restrictions. As such, many have integrated outdoor digital signage to enable contactless orders and pickups. With this innovation, guests can order food, request a seat, or check-in for a reservation at your facility. Moreover, you can use the signs to display your restaurant’s full menu, allowing customers more time to choose.

5. Bus Stop Digital Signs

Digital signages help to display local area info, bus schedules, and adverts at the bus stations. Passengers visiting the area for the first time can board the right bus and know the right stop to disembark. Usually large and eye-catching, you can use it as an effective platform for your company to market its services, brands, and products.

6. Public Transport Stations

Outdoor signs Melbourne services help passengers with their travel at subway stations, airports, and train stations. The signs show travel schedules and give delay updates on specific itineraries. Also, they alert passengers about their boarding and disembarking times, guaranteeing their safety throughout this process. And like most outdoor digital signs, your business can run adverts promoting various products and services.

7. Stadiums and outdoor event venues

Stadiums and other outdoor venues use digital signage to deliver close-up or complete coverage of their events, including sports and concerts. Same as a TV screen, many outdoor event centres use these digital displays to offer extra views. In this way, you can ensure the audience gets uninterrupted access to what is happening, no matter where they’re seated.

Running live updates and promoting upcoming events for your location is another way your business can benefit from using digital signs in Melbourne. Also, you could promote other products, services, or brands at a fee.

8. Retail

Retailers are using digital signage displays for showcasing their products and brands, plus promotions and special sales. Outdoor digital signs tend to be large and attractive. As a result, they make a great resource with the flexibility for frequent updates as products and promos change.

Outdoor Signs in Melbourne – The Bottom Line

You can use indoor digital signage outdoors by ensuring they’re weatherproof, versatile, and attention-grabbing. As you have seen, outdoor signs Melbourne can increase brand awareness, offer wayfinding solutions, and give important updates to the public. Durable and reliable, digital signs are an excellent resource for many Melbourne-based organisations, from theme parks and retail shops to transport hubs and anything in between.

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