Everything You Need To Know About COVID Safety Signage and Products

COVID Safety Signage and Products

Ensuring your business is COVID safe and compliant is essential to maintaining a healthy reopening environment. Offices, reception areas, restaurants, cafes, and other companies need proper social distancing signs and products to comply with local regulations.

In this article, we’ll discuss safety signage and products such as sanitiser units, social distancing floor mats, floor decals, and protection screens between workers. We’ll also point out the best place to purchase these product items.

Importance of Social Distancing Signs

Businesses need signs and posters around the workplace to remind others of the risks of COVID-19. Hanging posters that state what COVID-19 is and how people can prevent the spread is encouraged by the government.

Signs about how to wash your hands and social distancing requirements need to be printed and posted around your establishment.

It’s also encouraged to put the same messages on your brand’s social media accounts. For example, businesses can share testing locations in Victoria. Also, they can provide a link to the latest information on the coronavirus situation.

Where to Find Social Distancing Signs

One of the best manufacturers of COVID safety products is NGS Group, one of Australia’s leading signage and point of sale display manufacturers. COVID safety products can help to keep your business running smoothly.

Some of the COVID safety signage and products that are recommended for your businesses are:

Sanitiser Units

When people first walk into your business, they’ll need to sanitise their hands. A sanitiser unit is a lightweight, convenient method to ensure customers wash their hands. The sanitiser stations at NSG Group are automatic foam dispensers with holder and 5L zoono liquid (a long-lasting antibacterial that doesn’t wash off and lasts up to 24 hours).

The units have a holder for a 350ml hand sanitiser that uses less than 1ml every foam dispensed. No hand contact required as the unit sensors your hand under the nozzle. The sanitiser unit lasts 8,000 times before charging is required and is fully charged in 3 hours with a USB fast charge.

Social Distancing Floor Mats

A sophisticated, durable social distancing floor mat will help your customers comply with social distancing measures. They can be used in lobbies, reception areas, and other areas with high foot traffic.

Protection Screens

Protection sneeze screens are ideal for store clerks who want to keep themselves safe from contamination. Made out of acrylic Perspex, they’re cost-effective and long-lasting. They also come in a variety of sizes for different types of uses.

Floor Decals

Investing in non-slip, high-quality floor decals is another way to ensure your business has COVID safety signage. NSG’s floor decals come in many different shapes and sizes and can stick on a variety of surfaces. Whether your workplace has asphalt, tiled, or carpeted areas, these floor decals will help people remember to social distance.

Find Out More Information

Whether you will be welcoming employees back to the office, having customers in reception areas, or serving people in restaurants, COVID safety measures are needed. Thankfully, restrictions have eased in Melbourne, and people can now go to restaurants and back to work.

However, creating a COVID safe environment is paramount. For more information about becoming COVID compliant and have a robust return to work COVID plan for staff, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (03) 9432 7111. We’ll be happy to help you find the right COVID safety products as your business reopens.

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