Top 5 Tips To Ensure Your Corporate Branding Signage Is A Success

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A company’s corporate branding signage can matter just as much as their website. The brand’s signage needs to be consistent, recognisable, and memorable to get the best results.

NGS Group is one of the best providers of professional signage in Australia. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 tips to ensure that your corporate logo and signage are a success.

Invest in attractive and high-quality signage

Customers associate the quality of the brand with the quality of the signage. For better or worse, customers make assumptions about the brand as well as their products based on the signage. Have you ever passed a restaurant with dingy-looking signage? Did it discourage you from eating there?

On the other hand, elegant signage can give the impression that a place is high-class or expensive. NGS Group provides a wide variety of retail signage options, ranging from 3D illuminated lettering, fascia outdoor signage, awnings, and more.

Find creative and unique signage

The signage needs to differentiate the brand from others in the same industry. Having signage that stands out can serve as a competitive advantage for any business. NGS specialises in creating personalised signage that will fit your brand.

For example, NGS can make custom made designs to represent your brand throughout the day and night. Our signage includes lightboxes, illuminated signage, and other stand-out options.

Choose the right location

Your corporate branding signage needs to be in a highly trafficked location close to your business. Without proper signage, it can be challenging for customers to find your storefront. Also, putting signage near the checkout counter can help motivate sales.

One sign that can help your business stand out from the rest are pylon signs. Large, freestanding pylon signs made by NGS Group ensure that customers can spot your business from miles away. These signs are excellent for hospitals, supermarkets, factories, and more.

Keep it consistent

Corporate branding signage is like a 24/7 marketing campaign to get your brand’s name out to the world. Like most types of marketing, consistency is key—use the same logo, fonts, colour schemes, and themes.

Consistency ensures that customers can recognise your brand and start a relationship with it. That means better brand loyalty and customer retention. NGS Group can help your brand maintain consistency through physical signs and digital printing graphics.

Create a narrative

The narrative of your signage should showcase the company’s values and mission. Specific colours and fonts evoke different sentiments to your customers.

For example, the colour blue makes a brand seem trustworthy, while the colour black makes it look sophisticated. Some fonts can market a brand seem more affordable, while others can evoke a sense of luxury. Be sure to contact the experts at NGS Group to help you design signage that speaks to your brand.

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For more information about NGS Group’s corporate branding signage, feel free to reach us via phone at (03) 9432 7111. We’re happy to provide you with a free quote for all the signage and designs you require.

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