Top 5 Benefits of 3D Illuminated Signs That Will Light up Your Business

3d illuminated signs

As a business owner, your primary goal is to win more customers and offer top-notch products and services. 3D illuminated signs help your business stand out from the competition through eye-catching designs, even at night.

Initially, businesses leveraged the power of 3D illuminated signage through light and neon tubes. Today, businesses are using LED illuminated signage due to their energy-saving ability. In this post, we will cover the top benefits of 3D illuminated signs. But before that, let’s define what 3D illuminated signage is.

What Is 3D Illuminated Signage?
3d illuminated signs

3D illuminated signage is an excellent way of making your business premises stand out through eye-catching designs that customers can remember. Additionally, businesses can mount the designs on the inside or outside of their business premises.

As said earlier, LED light modules are commonly used in 3D illuminated signages because of their energy-saving capability. Additionally, you can choose your perfect style, depth, colour, and size, depending on your business needs and goals.

Common Applications

Before you decide to invest in 3D illuminated signs, you need to figure out how you’ll get the best out of them in your business. Below are some of the most common 3D illuminated sign applications you can opt for:

Lightbox signs—Illuminated signs are primarily used in schools, storefronts, churches, and schools. Most business owners use lightbox signs to trace patterns or images from one source to another.

Neon signs—Neon signs are the oldest signs but still used by some businesses today. They are best suited when curving artistic shapes to create good-looking letters or signs meant for advertising purposes.

Pylon signs—Pylon signs are a little bit taller than the structures around them. Customers can spot them from far. You can customise these signs with LED message boards to capture the attention of people walking around.

Halo Lit Signs—This type of sign is best for letters with shallow depths. Halo lit signs work best when positioned on the sides of a building on a flat surface. It’s best suited for businesses that only open at night.

Top 5 Benefits of 3D Illuminated Sign
3d illuminated signs

Besides flexibility to choose what size, depth, and overall look, 3D offers more benefits. Below are more reasons why you need to start using 3D illuminated signage on your business premises.

1. You Get a Crafted and Polished Look
Being unique is every business owner’s wish. But, if you want a more polished look, one that’s going to distinguish you from your competition, you’ll love what 3D illuminated signage can offer you. In a nutshell, 3D allows you to develop any design that perfectly matches your brand goals and objectives.

2. Design Versatility Improves Visibility
While trying to improve your brand awareness, you need to ensure that your 3D signage designs match the real-world context. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to put up a white sign on a building painted white. However, 3D illumination helps improve visibility and installation options even in non-ideal situations.

3. You Have a Variety to Choose From
Once you’ve decided to use 3D illuminated signage, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. Depending on your budget, needs and business goals, you can choose different types of 3D signages. For example, you can opt for digital LED signs, or better yet, select directory signs.

4. 3D Illuminated Signs are Customisable
Different brands have different messages or slogans. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to customise and personalise your 3D signs to match your business goals.

In other words, you can experiment with different messages on your 3D signs until you get your perfect illuminated sign that will attract customers to your business.

5. They’re Energy Efficient
Most 3D illuminated signage types are energy-saving. For example, LED signage saves more energy than the traditional Neon and light tubes, helping trim down your electricity bills. Besides being energy-efficient, LED signage doesn’t get hot like other types of signages.

Get Your Illuminated Signs From NGS Group
3d illuminated signs

3D illuminated signage can help you increase your brand awareness and help customers easily remember your business. At NGS Group, we use top-quality materials to develop the best signage that customers can easily spot from far. Get your 3D illuminated signage from us today call (03) 9432 7111 and scale your business.

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