Why Every Retail Business Should Have Point of Sale Signs

point of sale signs

Point of sale signs, quite often shortened as POS, are critical for the success of any retail business. They prompt problem recognition response and are used on products usually not at the top of shoppers’ minds.

The advantage of point of sale signs is that they offer more exposure to products that consumers might not need, triggering an immediate need for that specific product. In this post, we’ll look at why every retail business should have POS signs, shall we?

Types of Point of Sale Signs
Counter Display

As part of your marketing strategy, you should not forget the need for effective point of sale signs. However, most business owners find it challenging to figure out what types of POS signs suitable for their businesses. Below are some POS sign types you can consider for your business.

1. Dump Bins

Dump bins are usually flexible, making them an affordable option for most retail business owners. You can use these POS signs for shop floor uses, products on discount, or even for till point incentives. However, dump bins are best suited for events, exhibitions, and trade shows.

2. POS Wobblers

POS wobblers are also another affordable option, though very effective for your retail business operations. They are best when you intend to prompt your customers to make a last-minute buying decision. You’ll most likely find POS wobblers on product displays or shelves.

3. Countertop Units

Countertop units are meant explicitly for till point sales. Like the other display signs already discussed, they are cost-effective but will still get the job done. They are best for use when you are marketing fast-moving products, including food items, toiletry, and beauty products.

4. Menu Boards

Menu boards are a little different from the other POS signs already discussed in this post. They are usually mounted on walls using TV screens. So customers who come to your restaurant can see the menu—from drinks, snacks to any add ons right from the door.

Importance of POS Signs to Retail Businesses
Impulse Buying

There are many benefits of using point of sale signs in your retail store, including increasing your brand awareness and building trust and loyalty with your customers. Let’s look at more benefits of having point of sale signage installed in your retail store.

1. Grabs Customers’ Attention

Customers usually go through shelves looking for products they might need. And the truth is that packaging alone isn’t enough to make an impact on your customers. POS signs on shelves increase the chances that customers will notice a product they may have needed.

2. Inform Customers About Offers
You’ll have offers and discounts once in a while, and your customers must know about such offers. An effective point of sale sign can help promote your offers and grab your customers’ attention, leading them into your store to purchase the items on offer.

3. Helps With a Unique Branding of Your Business

A successful business is one that customers can remember once they know about or come across it. The best way to make customers notice and remember your business is by installing POS signs to give it a unique branding and make it stand out from the competition.

4. Helps You Target Impulse Buyers

Point of sale signs could also be effective in luring customers to buy more items once they are in your store. Most shoppers already have a list of things they need, but a POS sign might just trigger a need for an item customers may not have had in mind.

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We know how important point of sale signs are for the success of your business. That’s why we offer the best POS sign services across Australia. Whether you’re looking for counter displays, dump bins, sidekick displays, or even custom cardboard displays, we’ve got you covered.

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