Draw the Right Attention With the Latest Innovations in Digital Signage

LED digital signage

Digital signage is a platform that companies can use to build their brand and messaging. Thanks to the latest innovations in digital signage technology such as LED slimline screens, brands can stand out from the competition.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to show your company’s vital product and service information using high-quality LED signage.

3D Lettering Digital Signage

Investing in digital signage technology helps bring your products and services closer to shoppers, patrons, and clients. Gone are the days of using basic storefront signs that display the name of your store.

With the latest innovations, you can show off your brand with 3D lettering, lightboxes, and illuminated signs made by NGS Group. The possibilities are endless when it comes to drawing attention to your business. By using a LED slimline screen, for example, you can broadcast your brand well into the distance.

On-brand Design

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for all of a brand’s logos and signage to be on-brand. Since digital signage has become more commonplace, customers have also developed higher expectations.

The digital signage’s colour scheme and fonts must match the logos on the magazine, website, and any other places consumers see the brand. NGS Group has helped hundreds of companies to develop a brand theme and identity. Once that design becomes recognisable, the brand starts to grow.

Outdoor Digital Screens

Though people are used to seeing large outdoor screens in places like Times Square, they’re becoming more commonplace. Outdoor digital billboards can be used to show public entertainment, run ads, and more.

Thanks to innovations in LCD technology, screens are also more visible during the day. This allows brands to advertise in a more eye-catching way than with traditional signage. As the hardware for these signs becomes more affordable, more storefronts are starting to adopt it.

LED Signage

Similar to outdoor screens, LED slimline screens are becoming more popular for advertising. Businesses can use them to update messaging for any unexpected changes quickly. Using this type of illuminated signage also helps to grab people’s attention and get them into stores.

Large LED screens can also be used to cover an ample space or in multiple locations. Some examples of places starting to use this type of digital signage are airports, railway stations, and digital billboards. Part of the appeal is being able to have messaging up 24/7, without having to make adjustments to it.

 LED screens are six times as bright as LCD screens making visibility during the day just as effective as at night.

Planning a Project?

At NGS Group, we’re experts at creating digital signage for businesses large and small. If you have a smaller scale project, we can make illuminated signage to fit your needs. We’re able to accommodate any location, dimensions, or messaging that your company needs.

We also have our finger on the pulse on the latest trends in digital signage. Our lightboxes, 3D lettering, LED slimline screens, and illuminated signs are just the latest in our digital signage innovations.

For more information about our digital signage designs, manufacturing, and branding services, contact us at (03) 9432 7111. We’ll be more than happy to assist with any concerns or questions.

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