Directional Signage

Directional and Wayfinding Signs

When you want to get to your destination, a directional signage system might be useful. It purveys an invisible hand to walk you from where you are to where you are going, step-by-step. The best place to install wayfinding signs are areas that lack a clear flow of traffic and junctions. For that reason, they’re ideal directional landmarks parks and gardens or major installations like hospitals.

In this way, any customer unfamiliar with their surroundings gains from different directional signs. You can make it unfussy by having a plaque at every junction, telling people to take the right or left turn. Alternatively, your signage can be as elaborate as coloured lines on your floor to send people directly to where they’re heading.

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Options to Suit Your Needs

The signage industry seems to tilt towards granting directional signage products wider accessibility to enhance ethical business practices and environmentalism.

Wayfinding or directional signs fall into four primary categories, including:

  1. Identification;
  2. Informational;
  3. Directional; and
  4. Regulatory.

Used as standalone signs, directional signs are role-specific. But as part of the broader wayfinding plan, these signs inform each other.

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Customised Solutions

For directional signage, continuity is king. Your signage is invalid if someone loses their way anywhere between two points with direction landmarks. Finding the trail again might mean first falling back or getting lucky.

Here are a few examples:

  • Junction signs, such as ‘left to clinic or right to downtown exit’
  • Diverse coloured lines on your floor, such as red for finance and blue for sales
  • Directory landmarks on office buildings, e.g., HR 2ND Floor

No matter what your requirements we can customise a directional sign according to your needs.

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